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kin • song: ode to disability ancestors

Calling all artists, dreamers, and world-makers!

Looking to stretch your creative muscles? Interested in disability justice and mental health activism? Want to work on building a new play?

Then come join kin • song: ode to disability ancestors, a digital performance for the UT Department of Theatre and Dance premiering this fall!

Interest Meeting

Curious? Want to know more? Come to our interest meeting on Tuesday, August 31 from 7:00 to 7:45 PM on Zoom.

For more information or to share access requests, please email stage manager Kat Clark at (Kin[dot]SongSM[at]GMail[dot]com)


Interested in joining the project? Come to auditions on Tuesday, September 7. Auditions will take place from 7:00 – 9:00 PM.

Please be sure to sign up and review the audition guide.

For more information or to share access requests, please email stage manager Kat Clark at (Kin[dot]SongSM[at]GMail[dot]com)

Interested in working behind the scenes? Email stage manager Kat Clark at for more information! (Kin[dot]SongSM[at]GMail[dot]com)

What is kin • song ?

All across the United States, thousands of people who lived and died at state hospitals rest in unmarked graves, their remains unclaimed due to ableism and mental health stigma.

kin • song is a digital performance ritual crafted in response to this injustice. Through dialogue, puppetry, song, and dance, we will call upon the ghosts of these disability ancestors, waking them from their unmarked graves to join us in an act of mourning, celebration, and care. Here, in the sacred timespace of performance, we will name them, claim them, and honor their wisdom, all before (finally) laying them to rest. 

The script for kin • song does not yet exist; rather, the play will be devised by collaborators who experiment together, playfully building the piece moment-by-moment!

Who might be a good fit for this project?

kin • song would be a great fit for folx interested in exploring acting, animation, composition, costuming, dance, digital media arts, dramaturgy, film, lighting, music, painting, playwriting, poetry, props, puppetry, scenery, singing, visual arts, or any other creative medium. No previous experience required! 

This project is committed to building an accessible production process that centers the experiences, needs, and desires of collaborators with disabilities. In the spirit of cross-movement solidarity and allyship, we warmly invite all collaborators–regardless of ability status–to participate!

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