My interdisciplinary performance work combines practice-as-research methods with devised, improvised, and theatre for social change techniques.

Throughout, I create accessible productions and accessible production practices, innovating across content and form to create new work.


kin • song: ode to disability ancestors wins B. Iden Payne award for best editing

Nick Wingez-Yanez reviews kin • song: ode to disability ancestors for
QT Voices special issue on Trans Temporalities, edited by Vox Jo Hsu

The cover of the play Telephone. Two people in Victorian clothing kiss. There a geometric lines around them.

Mental Health Dramaturgy

For the past few years, I have been developing a dramaturgical practice that combines mad and disability history/theory with mental health first aid practices to support actors and directors as they craft informed, respectful, and safe representations of mental (ill) health. Sometimes, this means working with a director to contextualize a character’s diagnosis within the play’s historical, geographical, and cultural location. Other times, this means meeting with a production team to work through the politics of a particular staging, or collaborating with actors to implement strategies for performing mental distress without inducing mental distress. I also share my expertise on talkback panels, particularly for shows with mental health themes.

For more information, or to discuss collaborations, please reach out via my contact form.