Improvisational + Applied Theatre

Improvisational + Applied Theatre

I direct and offer workshops in improvisational theatre and applied theatre for artists, students, community groups, and professional organizations. My approach applies culturally-sensitive, trauma-informed, and accessible pedagogy techniques to non-scripted performance exercises, creating inclusive spaces for playful exploration and joyful collaboration.

The improv workshops I teach are customized based on the needs of each group. Topics include:

  • Standard Long Forms (Harold, Montage, Armando Diaz, La Ronde)
  • Standard Short Forms (competitive theatre games)
  • Long Form Techniques, Beginner and Intermediate
  • Short Form Techniques, Beginner and Intermediate
  • Musical Improvisation Forms and Techniques
  • New Form Development
  • Character
  • Relationship
  • Space, Place, and Environment
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Period, Genre, and Style
  • Meter and Verse
  • Non-realism

I also provide diagnostics, side coaching, and competition prep.

As an applied theatre practitioner, I draw from theatre of the oppressed and playback theatre traditions to create thematic workshops and performances for pre-kindergarten, elementary, and university students.